Fibrenamics brings innovation to Techtextil 2024

08 Apr 2024News

Fibrenamics brings innovation to Techtextil 2024

Fibrenamics brings innovation to Techtextil 2024

Fibrenamics brings innovation to Techtextil 2024

Fibrenamics, the Institute for Innovation in Fibrous and Composite Materials, will be at Techtextil 2024 with a wide range of new products ready to show to all the visitors of stand D56. The international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens will take place from April 23 to 26 in Frankfurt, Germany.


From Portugal to the world

The Fibrenamics Institute, based in Guimarães, will be taking part in the 20th edition of Techtextil to present the best innovations that have been done in Portugal. It will also hold presentation sessions to provide visitors with a great experience and an engaging program.

Visit us at stand D56 or book a meeting now.


The Fibrenamics Institute will also exhibit the innovative PluriProtech project, during Techtextil's Innovation Forum, scheduled for April 24, from 5:05 PM to 5:25 PM.

The forum topics will be innovative materials and applications, sustainable and circular technological materials, biofunctional materials, digital transformation and manufacturing technology, and smart textiles.

Download the Fibrenamics institutional booklet for free.


What can you expect from the D56 stand?

At the Fibrenamics Institute's D56 stand, you'll find a range of innovative projects that show the ongoing commitment to generating, enhancing, and transferring knowledge, covering several industry sectors such as architecture, construction, sport, medicine, protection, and transport. Discover some of the projects we will be exhibiting:



Image 1 - MilkFibre Project.

MilkFibre: Development of casein fiber from non-food milk produced in the Azores region. Learn more here.

Image 2 - Textile waste fibers.

Textile waste fibers: Fibers made from textile waste from the automotive industry. Learn more here.


Image 3 - AuxDefense Project.

AuxDefense: Development of auxetic materials for the defense industry. Learn more here.

Image 4 - TechPack Project.

TechPack: Smart cardboard packaging with integrated systems for identifying and detecting temperature, microorganisms, and food degradation. Learn more here.


Image 5 - Giatex Project.

Giatex: 3D printed structures for filtration systems. Learn more here.


Image 6 - PluriProtech Project.

PluriProtech: Clothing for active protection and comfort, especially for military purposes, with CBR protection. Learn more here.


Image 7 - BCR - Braided Composite Rods Project.

BCR – Braided Composite Rods: Braided composite rods for concrete reinforcement. Learn more here.

Image 8 - LH4Auto Project.

LH4Auto: Development of innovative multifunctional thermoplastic matrix products with lighting and heating capabilities for application in automotive components. Learn more here.


Image 9 - Recycled Reef Project.

Recycled Reef: Development of modular equipment, based on plastic waste, for the promotion and monitoring of marine life. Learn more here.


About Fibrenamics

Since 2011, the Fibrenamics Institute, part of the University of Minho and recognized as a Technology and Innovation Centre (CTI) by the Portuguese National Innovation Agency (ANI), has been a driving force at the forefront of innovation in fibrous and composite materials.

The motto "From Science to People" reflects the Institute's commitment to transform advanced science into practical solutions with high-added value, to the benefit of society.


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